Research Projects

Dust Continuous Monitoring


Atmospheric and Climate Modeling Recearch Group have established the world-class dust observation capability at Kaust campus. On the top left is the KAUST world-class atmospheric radiation instrumentation (CIMEL ROBOTIC SUNPHOTOMETR) installed at the roof of marine sciences building that is capable of measuring of incoming direct and diffuse solar radiation in multiple wave lengths. This site is a part of NASA AERONET network.  This instrument provides information about the total amount of dust in the atmospheric column above. On the bottom left the example of instrument observation showing strong dust outbreak in March 2012. On the top right is the micro-pulse lidar (MPL) that provides information about vertical structure of the dust layer. This instrument is also included in the NASA MPL network. The bottom right picture shows the MPL readings. It is very important to have both instruments in one place an they provide complimentary information. There is only about a dozen of such collocated sides in the world.