Atmospheric and Climate Modeling Research Group, KAUST

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Georgiy Stenchikov

    Atmospheric and Climate Modeling (AtCM)

    Professor of Environmental Sciences, Chair of the Earth Sciences and Engineering program

    Physical Sciences and Engineering Division (PSE)

    Research Interest: Climate Modeling, Atmospheric Physics

PhD Students

  • Andrew Yip
    Research Interest: Renewable Energy, Atmospheric Modeling
  • Evgenia Predybaylo
    Research Interest: Atmospheric Modeling, Global Climate Modeling, Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction, Volcanic aerosols, ENSO
  • Hamza Kunhu Bangalath
    Research Interest: Climate Modeling, Climate Change, Dust-climate interaction, General circulation
  • Jerry Raj
    Research Interest: Climate Modeling, Climate Change, Large-scale Circulation
  • Muhammad Dogar
    Research Interest: Global Climate Modeling, Atmospheric Physics
  • Sergey Osipov
    Research Interest: Volcanic Explosions, Radiative Forcing, Climate Modeling

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Alexander Ukhov
    Research Interest: Large eddy simulation, WRF, HPC, Dust deposition, Atmospheric boundary layer, WRF-Chemistry
  • Dr. Jishprakash Puthan Purakkal
    Research Interest: Dust Storms, Cloud Microphysics
  • Dr. Weichun Tao
    Research Interest: Dust Modeling, Land-Surface Modeling, Watershed Resource Management

Research Scientists

  • Dr. Liping Deng
  • Dr. Stoichko Kalenderski
    Research Interest: Dust Modeling, WRF-Chemistry, Direct Radiative Effect
  • Dr. Udaya Bhaskar Gunturu
    Research Interest: Atmospheric Dynamics, Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics, Atmospheric Chemistry, Wind and Solar Resource Assessment